Vanessa Linares

Vanessa Linares was born in Barcelona in 1976. She studied Fine Arts and specialized in graphic design with an Erasmus grant in Manchester.

She has exhibited in different galleries, combining her work as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. In Barcelona he has exhibited at Galeria Espai B, Jordi Barnadas, Plom Gallery, La Siesta, Safia, Diluvio Universal and in Mataró, at La Destil·leria.

He has also exhibited in Havana, Singapore, Padova, Paris and Hong Kong.

Vanessa's work is intimate, tender, innocent, but at times also disturbing. His large-eyed "guspirus" are present in most of his paintings and watercolors. Compositions where he combines everything that allows him to delve into this world, a kind of medium mix that goes from collage to painting with acrylic, watercolor, oil, but also Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and ceramics.

His immediate project is to illustrate a children's story about the Guspirus and the African philosophy Ubuntu "I am because we are"

Guspirus. I am because we are.

There is a place called Ubuntu where the Guspirus live in peace and harmony, representing the idea of connection, community and mutual care for everyone.

"I am because we are" is an expression commonly used by the Guspirus that tries to remind us of this. We are all connected.

Works of the artist