Valeria Pesce 

Valeria was born in Sardegna, Italy, in 1963. She has studied graphic design, in Cagliari (IED) and in New York (FIT) and after a two-year experience in Milan she has decided to move to Barcelona where she has resided since 1991, combining her freelance graphic designer work with painting. He has exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Slovenia.

She works with the theme of nature, focusing her interest on water and the human body, in an amniotic space in continuous movement, where colors are the vectors of emotions and feelings. Plasma his figures or fish that float in a liquid sky without gravity, following archaic and intuitive movements.

A realistic and dreamlike figuration at the same time, which returns us to a reality in constant movement and transformation, nothing is the same as a second ago, everything flows and everything is transformed,

Fish as light and silent points of color, fleeting as thoughts and life itself.

Works of the artist