• Laura López Balza, Conrad Roset, Dani Buch, Marta Altieri, Jordi Comes, Lluís Cadafalch...
  • From 08/11/2011 to 03/12/2011

  • The idea is that anyone who likes art can access it.
    Art Ready-to-wear, market art.
    We have prepared a collection of quality reproductions of some of our favorite original pieces, adding some digital copies of old prints.
    Prices will move between 50 and 150 € and copies will be limited to 50 units.
    Tempting, isn't?
    You will find the work of Dani Buch, Laura Lopez Balza, Conrad Roset, Valeria Pesce, Jessica Von Helmolt, Lluís Cadafalch, Gabi Beneyto, etc.
    Today we have a few of them hanging in the room, soon will post to the web and hope that the collection grows and grows.
    Want to come take a look? If you come this Saturday November 12 you can see it live into the gallery