• Markus Haub

  • VIEW 144
  • Mixed thecnique on wood.
    2 x 81 x 100 cm


Markus Haub was born in Germany and studied Automotive Design at the School of Applied Arts Pforzheim until 97. Then he went to Barcelona to work for Volkswagen and Renault as a designer. In 2004 he moved to Paris for two years. He now lives in Barcelona.

Parallel to his business, working as an artist and exhibited his works at various locations in Barcelona and France.

The basis of her work is photography. After digital processing, printing works, pasted on canvas and is also involved manually: paint, varnish etc ... A game of destruction, exaggeration, conservation through different materials and tools that always leads to an incredibly unique piece modern. Markus is inspired by the architecture, film, fashion, Mila Jovovich and beauty in general. Marcus plans to us its own vision of everything around us. The use of bright colors inside and outside the landscape gives the viewer a real feeling of closeness.

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+ original work by Markus Haub
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