• South/North (and between)

  • From 26/03/2014 to 19/04/2014

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    "Sout/North (and between)" is a visual journey that includes several trips to the U.S. in which the photograpehr Bito Cels shows us a personal vision of two particular points in American geography.

    From south we get images of the city of New Orleans some years after Katrina. Trying to find small traces of the hurricane, the photographer shows us the great impact that this phenomenon resulted in the city and that still survive.

    The second geographical location places us in the Northeast, showing us images of New York thst appears very differents of the crowded and iconic city we all knowl more similar from an any city in the U.S. In the exhibition is also a small sample of work " Pedestrians", which won the first prize of the viewings "Emergent Lleida" in 2009.

    And between the South and the North, few images will show us imatges that seem already experienced, because they are part of the collective image of the U.S. we have even if we have never been there.

    "South / North (and between) " is a journey - in time and space - by the sight of U.S. tha is inside all of us.

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