• Sirenes

  • From 25/04/2013 to 18/05/2013

    We propose you on this occasion a joint exhibition of two artists who have worked on the same subject, although from different techniques and conceptual perspectives: women's bodies under water. Mermaids (”Sirenes” in Catalonian).

    GEMMA SILVESTRE presents a photographic collection that invites us to dive to discover the magical hidden underwater. We found an hypnotic play of fantastical colors, sinuous shapes and transparencies in which female figures of great sensuality and lightness merge with the liquid and the reflections of light.

    VALERIA PESCE works also, in this case from painting, water relations with female bodies. Represents women submerged in water, amniotic fluid in which they deform and move in absence of gravity, as if in they were in their own natural habitat.
    The artist explores the boundary between the figures that are diluted decomposing by refraction of light, and the boundary between the real world and the almost surreal scene of aquatic landscapes.

    Two very different ways of approaching the same subject and that transport the viewer to a relaxing sensory experience while disturbing because of contemplating and feeling part of a habitat with different standards, where forms are blurred and where with the reflex game nothing is what it seems.