• 97 KG

  • From 07/06/2012 to 23/06/2012
  • We are pleased to invite you to the opening of Sebastian Boesmi exhibition the next Thursday 7 June 2012 since 19:30h

    Acording to the artist;  "When you talk to someone, often times you don`t remember everything he said, you don't remember all the words, rather you remember how that person made you feel."  Happens the same with image, when no matter what or how is made and makes us feel something, when there is a breath of truth in it, when there is something unique, essential and beautiful, it is when we remember it; "as happens with people, gardens, dogs, everyday objects, with everything which complements us and the range of objects and images with which we choose to live."

    Drawings and more drawings, cartoon, graphic that multiply and intermingle until almost you don't made out  where begins figurative and where the stain. And then comes the question; Is this a maze of stacked Wee and letters or a fantastic composition of abstract shapes and colors?

    We invite you to draw conclusions.