• Gabi Beneyto
  • From 12/04/2012 to 05/05/2012
  • We are pleased to invite you to the opening of l'exposició Gabi Beneyto the next Thursday 12 April 2012 to the 19:30h

    Antoni Gaudí was an atypical architect and a polyvalent artist because he used all of the fine arts languages and synthesized them in unique proposals that today are admired around the world. Some attribute this success to the hidden dimension discovered in his work, so consider him a visionary, a magician or a mystic.The architecture of Gaudí goes beyond appearances, admits all kinds of interpretations and is an invitation to the intellectual and sensory journey. And this is the aim of these photographs, accompany the reader in this way, help you discover it which perhaps at first glance would not receive.

    Although the architecture of Gaudí has been photographed millions of times, never until today it had been in 3D, which allows us to not only know their works but also penetrate inside, capture the dimension of its spaces, the morphology of its objects, the mystery of its light, the intensity of its colors, which finally results in an experience statement more intense and intellectually more profound.

    Fragments of Daniel Giralt-Miracle


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